Monday, September 9, 2013

Avery turns 3!

Little Miss turned three!!!  And boy!!!! she was SUPER excited!  Here she is posing. I call her little Miss Sass-a-frass!

 Yes.... I have two sweet sassy girls!
 So sweet! 
 Ok, so I went ahead and threw her a "Doljabi" Korean first birthday party.  I do realize this a tradition for the first birthday...but we missed that.  I debated whether I should, but I really wanted to.  I wanted to see what she chose, see her in her beautiful hanbok, and be able to tell her all about it.  I guess when it was all said and done, I couldn't stand to not be there for we did it at age three.  Unorthodox, I know...but I'm glad I did it!! 
(My attempt was super pathetic when one compares it to actual first birthdays which almost mirror wedding receptions!!! They're beautiful!!  See the link!!  AMAZING!)
 Her are the object buckets.  Guests would look at the objects, which were on the table, and guess which one she would choose.  They would take a the photo of that object and place it in the bucket.  We counted the guesses to see what people thought.  Most people thought she'd choose the pencil. (Each object indicates something about her future - the pencil meant she'd be a scholar!)
 More table photos.
 Here we are putting on her hanbok.  It has several layers.  This is the first a slip.
Layer two - the skirt

 Layer #3 - the top vest (this has all the embroidery and decoration)
Oh and the cute little matching purse.   This hanbok came from Korea!!

" I'm three!"

 opening gifts from grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins!!
 A bunch of cousins!


I let little Miss pick her caek and she chose the pinkest cake EVER!  She was delighted!!!
 My baby girl!!
 She was SO incredibly delighted! 

 She couldn't stop laughing as we all sang happy birthday to her!
 Getting ready to blow out the candles!
 blowing with ALL her might!!!
 she got a new baby doll...among many other gifts!!
 Oh...what did she choose??   .....the pencil...I guess she's going to be a scholar!!!  Evidently our family knew her quite well! 

 This was the paper ticket family put in the little silver buckets.
 Here's that pencil she wanted!!

 Some decorations for her special day.
I typed up an explanation of the "Korean birthdays" so they'd understand the tradition.  Nothing fancy, but it worked!  She loved her birthday.  I'm so glad she's our girl! We are incredibly blessed.

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  1. Love the photos of her smiling and then blowing out her candles. She loked so happy and beautiful!