Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall fun!

 On Saturday, I took the girls to a fall festival at a local garden (which is beautiful!!)  The weather was absolutely perfect and the girls had a ball!!  
Here is Addie decorating a Halloween baggie.

 Avery was a bit too busy eating her candy to decorate...priorities!!!  RIGHT?

 My girls and the headbands they made.

 Avery playing with super big blocks!

 Avery loved playing dress-up..even though the witch hat was a bit too big!!

 Addie....I guess she was thinking?

 Addie was pretending to be an angel.  

 Addie with that big witch hat!

 A shot of the beautiful garden ponds!

 Avery LOVED her mask!  She wore the thing for several joke!!

 Chillin in the shade!

 Helping water the flowers which is the girls' favorite thing to do!! (thanks to their grandma!)

 My sweethearts!

Here I caught them trying to catch butterflies in the flowers.  VERY cute!  WE LOVED our fun day!  :)

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