Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch

 I took the girls to the pumpkin patch today.  They had these great wagons you could use for free and the girls loved them! (Until I tipped it over...oops!!)
 They had all kinds of slides for the kids to play on and Addison loves slides so she had a ball!!
 Avery was even willing to give it a try too!
 Here are Addison and her cousin Owen peeking out the treehouse window!
 Here are the cousins all in the big wagon!
 The kids climbed up a pile of tires!  Cute!

 Here is the baby cousin...Ethan!  Her was SO good!!
 The kids spent a lot of time on the huge trampoline!  It was Avery's favorite!  She laughed the whole time!
 Addie did NOT like the wooden horse!  A cowgirl she is not!
 Avery was a little spooked as well!
 They all really liked the big bin of corn!  They played in it a long time!
 Owen got in trouble for biting Avery.  Here he is in time out.   I love this picture!

 After the corn bin, we went back to the trampoline.  Addie was bustin' out some dance moves and singing on it!  See the power & intensity!
 Dance off!
 Avery was just watching her sister...probably wondering what on earth shes doing?!
 They really wanted the train to go.  It didn't!

 Its kinda hard to get a good picture of Avery but I LOVE this one!!
Addison is always showering Avery with kisses and hugs... I think at this point, Avery was done!  We had a great time!!


  1. Hello! I'm Sion and Avery's foster mother's grandson.
    We've watched your blog everyday.
    My grandma is always missing her... You know my grandma raised Avery like she was her own flesh and blood for 2years.
    Avery meant the whole blessed lot to my grandma.
    Recently, You didn't upload something so my grandma is so sad..
    If you can, can you upload a video?
    Thank you for loving her!

    God bless you and your family and all those troops around you.

  2. Dear Sion,

    I'm SO sorry for the delay in posting new photos and video. I just updated the blog and will continue to do so. I know your grandma loved AVery SO much and Avery still gets so happy when she sees her photo! I am very sorry! I am so grateful that your grandma loved her so much. I will pray for her because I know she does miss her! She is learning so much Enlgish and do so well! She is very smart and we just adore her! Thanks for posting on my blog! I will do a better job keep it updated!