Friday, November 9, 2012


 So, I'm a littel late posting my photos of Halloween..sorry about that!   We've been working on potty training with Avery and its been a bit time-consuming! 
For Halloween, Avery was a bubblebee and Addison was a ballerina/princess!
 (She couldn't decide what she was)
 Here are the kids with their cousins.  Jack was a gangster, Cecelia was a princess, Corinne was a spider and little Airyn was a pumpkin, of course!
 He's so cute!
 Jack & Addie snuggling!
 Here are the kids with their other cousins!  Avery didn't want her photo taken!  she kept covering her face!'
 "Don't take my picture!"
 Eating her candy!!
 Avery LOVES candy!!

 Here's Avery with cousin Alyssa!

 Here are the girls with daddy...trick or treating!  The weather was beautiful!  It was cool, but not cold and there was littel to no wind!  Perfect!

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