Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Addie & the stolen Reese's

 One lovely afternoon, Addison was riding her bike while wearing her favorite winter hat.
(One of her favorite things to do)

 She was so happy and all was well with the world.

 She was even laughing!!!  Then, it became very very quiet.  What was Addison doing?  Where had she gone?  I was curious.  So I went to her room to check on her.

 And there, on her bed, was the incriminating evidence.  She had snuck into her brother's room, stolen one of his Reese's and had eaten the enitre thing...which explains the quiet.  I promptly found her and told her "no.'   And then the drama ensued!!! Be my witnesses by viewing the photos below.

 Mind you, I only told her "no."  Nothing else..  Nothing. 

 Still crying.  More drama.

 Now she's peeking out to see if I'm still taking picures of her fit. 
Well yes I am!!!!

 One BIG tear!

Not a happy face..but she recovered!


  1. I LOVE that you took pictures of her while she threw her fit. So cute!

  2. Where was the cold water we use to thros on Mike?