Thursday, April 12, 2012

Egg Hunt

Nick & Drew wrestling
Addison looking for Easter eggs in the flower pots.
I think she'd watching the older kids who were running all over the place trying to get to the eggs frist.  It was crazy!
Here's Jack running to get an egg.
Addison sitting with her little pile of eggs.
Nick was helping her count her eggs.
"Look at my eggs Daddy!"
Hummm...whats in these eggs?

Here's dad, videoing the entire thing.
Jack finally slowed down because some of the eggs were actually hard to find.

Addison was coutning and eating eggs with her cousins.
The boys threw the football around after the egg hunt.
The boys are trying to get open to catch the football.
Baby Owen eating his candy.
Addison loves chocolate!!!
All the cousins!

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