Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Foster mom gifts!!

Addison's sweet foster mom in Korea mailed her some early Christmas gifts! 
 Here are two Korean books for her!
Here is the letter she wrote us.
Addison was going through all the things in the package.
Here is the letter..need a translation though?!
She sent her these cute hair things. 
You put them over little buns on either side of her head and the little braids hang down.

Here she is looking at her books in her room.

Thanks SO much!!!  We love the gifts!


  1. How wonderful. I left a couple of comments before but you probably won't remember me. :-) Anyway I am Korean so here is the translation of the letter.
    " Dear HaSun's parents, How are you? Through your blog I see HaSun and the family regularly. When I see HaSun's bright smiling face, always with pretty ribbons in her hair, with her family, I feel how true the meaning of her Korean name is, Gift from the God. I feel great satisfaction and happiness when I see her growing so well with doting brothers and happy parents. Sending some books so she won't forget her country. I will continue to visit your blog often. Wish you all the happiness."
    Sanna from HK

  2. Dear Sanna from HK: Thank you SO much for the translation!!! I'm so thankful to have it!! I do remember you and I'm so grateful for your help with the letter! I can't wait to show Addison all the letters from her foster mom when she is older! I appreciate it!

    -Addison's mom

    1. Hi Noel, I tried to post the translation of your latest letter from Addison's foster mom twice without success so I am trying using this "reply" fuction. Hope it works. Sanna

      "Dear HaSun's parents, These days we visit your blog frequently to see your family and watch pretty HaSun grow. This brings such joy and happiness to our family. We worried about HaSun's big brother but are very relieved to learn that he is in good health. HaSun's parents, we still pray daily that HaSun can continue to bring more happiness and laughter to your family. Pretty HaSun, handsome brothers and beautiful parents, we wish you good health and a Merry Christmas. Foster Mom"

  3. So sweet! What a special blessing! :)

  4. Love the translation! So sweet!

  5. Happy to be of help. :-) Wish you and your lovely family Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!