Thursday, December 1, 2011

Update on Avery!!!!

I was thrilled to see an email entitled, “Medical Report and Photos” from our adoption agency!  YAY!  Avery is doing absolutely fabulous!!!  She has completely caught up developmentally.  She was assessed to be at a 13 month level, which is the first time we’ve seen her developmental level match her chronological age!  This is definitely an answer to prayer!!!   She has also gained tons of weight and now weighs 23 pounds!  She is only 5 pounds lighter than Addison!!!  This too is a miracle as she was very much underweight when we were matched!!!  God is very good!  I have prayed that her developmental issues would be healed and God has been very kind to hear my prayer!  Praise him! 
In addition to that, she is quite possibly, the cutest baby in Korea!!  I mean look at these photos!!  Could she be any sweeter?!?!? This was a great encourage especially as we approach 8 months waiting to travel!  The wait is so long, but God is faithful and our baby is perfect!
 Here she is with the hat we sent her.  I don't think she likes things on her head

 Here she is with the Christmas care package we sent her.

 I don't know where she got the headband, but she doesn't seem to like it!

This is my favorite!!!  She's SO big!!!



  1. She is absolutely beautiful!! I agree she must be the cutest baby in Korea:D Great news on her progress. All she needs now is to be home with her big brothers and sister.

  2. hooray for new pictures and updates. she is such a cutie!

  3. Adorable is all a Grandma can say. Her hair style is called a "Dutch boy" and that is how I wore my hair as a child.

  4. Hurray for updates and answered prayers! God is good! :)