Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vacation Day #1

 We decided that since we weren't going to Korea this year, we'd go on vacation to Colorado.  We spent our frist couple days in Breckenridge.  Here are photos of day #1.  We stayed in a two bedroom Condo in "Tannhauser."

 We ate at a little outside restaurant just off of Main street in Breckenridge.  the weather was perfect!  It was 68 degrees this day! 
 We had a little music to go with our dinner!
 Addie was just playing around.
 The waitress gave the kids Wiki-stix.  The only "kid" who played with them was Nick.  I took photos to prove this!
Here is one of Nick's creations! 

 Here are the boys by the river that runs through Breckenridge.
 Up to no good!!!

Day #2...tomorrow!!!

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  1. I'm glad to know you are having a good time, but vacation should mean NO computer! I know it would be like leaving behind an "old" friend, but you could do it! I am envious of the cool weather. It was 108 degrees here yesterday, and it is suppose to be hotter today. I wish I were there!!!