Friday, August 6, 2010

We Got Mail!!!

Yesterday, I found a large package in my mailbox from Holt. Inside it, I discovered some WONDERFUL gifts & a letter from Addison's Foster Mother. I was so moved by her generosity and obvious love for Addie. SHe truly is a great woman. I'm so thankful Addison was in her care! God's hand was, and is on our daughter. (and us!) Ths basketball socks in the photo above are being wonr by Drew. He loves them!
These Mario socks are Jack's!
Here we have some postcards with photos of Korea, Photos of Addison when she was living with her foster mother and another pair of socks.
She also sent this cute dress and some darling hair bands and other accessories.
Here are some house slippers for me. They're perfect for summer! (very light and comforatble)
Here is Addie wearing some of the the bands. I love the strawberries!

And Nick claimed these Puma socks as his own. The boys all love the socks. They say their "Korean" socks are "nice and tight, light and far more comfortable than the ones I buy at Wal Mart." Hummm.... Am I now to special order their socks...(No way!)
Thank you Foster Mother! We SO appreciate all you sent! Thanks you for the nice note! We hope you and your family are well. You're in our prayers!


  1. That is so wonderful! Addie is blessed to have a foster mom who is still involved, she will grown knowing that she has always been loved.

  2. I came across your blog this morning--we are adopting from South Korea, too. So neat that your daughter's foster mom is still keeping in touch with you! I am sure it is a blessing to know how well taken care of and loved she was.