Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jacker Turns 9!!

He invites some friends over...they play guns & video games.

We grill hamburgers, brats, and eat watermelon. the garage...I can't have this many boys in the house...eating..and burping.

Jack got some gifts.

Addison really liked his new football!
(I don't know what happened to her hair here?!?)

yes...I made that cake!!! (from a box mix, but I'm still proud!)

They camped in our back yard. (again..not in the house..notice a theme?!?)

They had watergun fights. (outside of course!)

Defending their territory. (Drew and his cousin)
All the boys with their water guns.
I think everyone had fun!
Happy Birthday Jack!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Jack! I'm a fan of the "not in the house" theme! :) Great job on the cake - it's beautiful (and probably tasty too!). Looks like a fun time.