Saturday, April 3, 2010

Random observations about Seoul

Here is the Kia headquarters building in downtown Seoul. Other major industries in Korea are Samsung and Hyundai.
Many of the toilets were quite elaborate! See the rectangular button on the left side? There were a variety of options on those buttons such as "flushing sound" and many other cleaning options! It was really funny. I didn't know what to push!

The shopping in Seoul was simply incredible!!! There were little shops like this one everywhere; on the side walk, in the subway...everywhere. They sold t-shirts, coats, tons of shoes, and many other things at these little shops. I would never make it to work on time if I lived there! (...and I'd be broke because I LOVED all the shoppping. It was amazing)

Other observations:
  • The Koreans are very well-dressed people. I've never seen so many people wearing heels!
  • Very, very few Koreans are overewieght.
  • Korean stores always had incredible customer service!!! (amazing!!)
  • The Koreans were very polite and helpful
  • The city, airport, and subway were all very, very clean, but we could never find a trashcan?!
  • Pop is very hard to find and when you do find it, it's expensive. (I did miss Diet Coke!)
A Korean stop sign near our hotel. I just thought it was interesting!

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