Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Gotcha Day" 4/1/10

Mark & I on the way to Holt via the subway

We immediately run into Ha-seon and her foster mother in the lobby. She is very happy!

She was eating a cracker-type stick and loving it.

See the stick?

Foster mom loving her one last time before we leave. We all cried, hence the reason there is no video. It was terribly difficult.

Little Addison, looking for her foster mom. (See her worried face?)

She started to cry right after this picture. She cried most of the wat back to the hotel. It was really sad. She kept looking around and out the window for her foster mom. She eventually cried herself to sleep.

Asleep in her daddy's arms.

We managed to get out of the cab, and go up the elevator without waking her up. It was a miracle!

Asleep on our bed.

Daddy & his baby.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! She is beautiful!!! I pray that you all have a good first day as a forever family and a safe uneventful trip home.

  2. I know you must have a huge range of emotions right now!! Hoping that Addison has a smoothe transition and that she finds peace and comfort with her mom and dad!! She is beautiful! Congratulations!

  3. That is the sweetest thing ever!!!! Praying for you all.

  4. Praise God! I am crying for you. Blessings on your trip home. She is truly lovely!
    (Maybe we'll pass each other in an airport) ;)

  5. Such sweet pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I love following your blog and am blessed to hear what God is doing. Congrats on your daughter finally coming home. Just a word of thought...I had heard from friends who had been adopted that "Gotcha Day" is not the most PC term. Just FYI.

  7. Oh how your photos and commentary make me want to meet our girl in Korea NOW! Thank you for being so honest... it looks like such a hard but amazing day that you just dealt with. prayers for your journey home!

    amanda (c's mom from the holt bb)

  8. Hang in there. The best is yet to come. I loved the videos. She is ADORABLE!!!

  9. She's beautiful!
    I hope for an easy transition.

  10. She is beautiful. Im thinking of you as you make the transition to a family of 6!

  11. She is adorable! Congratulations. I can't even imagine all of the emotions yet. It must be so hard to see them so sad and not be able to do anything to change it other than wait. Hope you're transitioning to home well. Prayers for your family! I'm sure the boys are excited to have her home too!

  12. So bitter sweet...I am so happy for you and your family now that she is in your arms...I am also so sad for you guys and her loss...Many prayers for a smooth transition...