Friday, April 9, 2010

Addison: getting to know us!

Each boy got to stay home one day and spend time with Addison (and helping me!) Heres a photo from Nick's day.

Here's Drew on his day home feeding her ice cream. She loved it!

Here's Jack, getting ready to take Addie on a walk in her stroller

Here she is on Easter. This outfit lasted about 4 minutes...but it was cute while lasted!

Here she is with her daddy...she loves playing patty cake with him!


  1. So cute! My boys were looking over my shoulder at the blog as I read, and quickly asked when is THEIR day to stay home with sister!? Well....

  2. what a great idea to have each of your boys stay home with their sister!

  3. ooops. forgot to mention i hopped on over from the holt bb. :)

  4. What a fun idea for the brothers to bond! They are all adorable! KDjackie

  5. She is SO adorable! I love the patty cake!