Sunday, February 14, 2010


More great stuff from the book If God is Good; Faith in the Face of Suffering and Evil written by Randy Alcorn. In the chapter I'm currently reading, Alcorn discusses the problems the atheist world view has with extreme evil and moral outrage. In this compelling discussion, he makes a very interesting observation about the atheist's treatment of God. He writes:

"Many atheist books and blog seethe with anger. Remarkably, the authors do not limit their anger to Christians. They seem most livid with God.

I don't believe in leprechauns, but I haven't dedicated my life to battling them. I suppose if I believed that people's faith in leprechauns poisoned civilization, I might get angry with members of leprechaun churches. But there's one thing I'm quite sure I wouldn't do: I would not get angry with leprechauns. Why not? Because I can't get angry with someone I know doesn't exist.

Though I see why atheists get irate at Christians, I don't understand why they seem so furious with God – unless, deep inside, their atheism isn't a rational denial of God as much as an attempt to retaliate against him." (page 136)

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