Sunday, August 2, 2009

Another great "Gotcha Day" Video

Here is another one of my favorite "gotcha day" videos. Enjoy!


  1. It was these two videos that sealed the deal for us as far a travel. After watching them we wanted to travel to Korea sooooo bad. You know both of these moms have blogs. I will email them to you if you want them. Well, that is if I can get your email to work. The last two times I tried they both came back to me.

  2. I know...these convinced us to travel too! They are so moving! I'll send you my email agian! Wierd it keeps coming back to you.

  3. Oh how I wish we could travel! That video was amazing - thank you for sharing. I held it together until the foster brother came over to the camera and bowed - I don't know why but that had be bursting into tears. And then I laughed when the Dad said "that sucked!" in the car. LOL!