Thursday, August 9, 2018

Family wedding!

The last Saturday in July we went to my nephew's wedding, and the girls had to get all dressed up and have their hair & nails done!  Here they are all looking quite gorgeous!!!! 

Jaiden & Daira!  Sweet sisters

Addison, Avery & Aliah - So pretty!

Our crew at the wedding!  (yes, we take up an entire row without Nick!)

Here is Nick, the best man - lookin' good!

Waiting for the bride!

Here she is! 

Chit-chatting after the ceremony!

of course, we have to have some of Avery selfies! 

taking selfies with Amber!

I'm pretty sure Aliah took this water out of someone's purse without asking. Seethe naughty look?

Karoline & Jaiden!

More selfies...with Amber.

me...I guess deep in thought.

My sweet mess!
Chandler & Abi cutting the cake!

My crazy family at the reception!

Videos from the wedding - best man speech, dancing videos, etc..

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