Saturday, August 18, 2018

Drew's off to College!

So the day finally arrived and it was Drew's turn to go off to college.  I think he was excited (He's a man of few words!) and I had mixed feelings - so proud, yet sad.

We finally arrive after a long drive and were met by the friendliest staff members how helped us move his things up to his dorm room on the third floor.

Ok, so funny coincidence - Four years earlier, Nick also stayed in the "E"  building, on the same floor and the very same room that Drew currently in right now!!!  Isn't that crazy!!! We figured this out on the way home!

We loved the move-in crew!

He checks into the dorm and gets his key.  Here he is walking in for the very first time!

The girls make themselves at home in Drew's little room.

The little cheerleaders!

After we unload a bunch of stuff, we go to a local burger & sushi joint (Strange combo but surprisingly good!) for a little lunch.

She always get nuggets.  

Hungry after a lot of driving and moving!

In his room!

We had to make a WalMart run for basic food and other things we forgot.

...a nice fluffy rug was a necessity!  Here is his little living room area.

Here is their little kitchenette.  (I took a video of his entire dorm which better shows the layout. It's at the end of the post)

Hall to the four bedrooms.

The sinks between the toilet & shower

We hug and say our goodbyes.

I'm smiling here, but started crying shortly after this.  

Drew & His dad.

His little room is all ready to go!  Its perfect!

Below you'll see Nick in his room in the same dorm four years earlier!!!

The girls all piled on him for one last rough and tumble playtime.  They were super sad to see him go.  They love their Drewy and he is so patient and good with them!  He will definitely be missed!

I love you so much Drew.  We will miss you.

Here is a video of Drew's dorm.

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