Monday, June 25, 2018

Avery's 1st Piano Recital

 Pn April 22, Avery had her first piano recital!  She was SO excited!  Although she had only been taking 3 months, I feel like she did well despite her lack of experience.

 She wanted to get all dressed up so she would be beautiful for her performance!

Grandma & Grandpa came to see her play (So did Mema, but I didn't get a picture!)

 ...and the brothers came to show her their support!

 They even smiled a little bit!

And this is her music "Ode to Joy" - clearly her little sister got ahold of the book and decided to scribble on the ONLY page she needed for the recital.  Never mind that there are 67 other pages....she just scribbled on the VERY one she needed.  That figures...right??

Below are a couple videos of her performances

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