Saturday, June 16, 2018

Addison's Dance recital. 6/2/18

On Saturday, June 2nd, Addison had her annual dance recital.  Its definitely the highlight of her year in dance and she loves the costumes and performing.  Here she is with her friend, Amara.  They not only do dance but they're in school together.

Alaiha HAD to be included.

Here she is with her whole tap class.

Addison in ballet costume...with Aliah. 

Addie in her jazz costume...her favorite.

My boys at the recital...they were SO thrilled but after years of baseball, basketball, soccer, and wrestling tournaments...they owed he BIG time. 

My sweet girl after the recital.  She did so well.

Addison's jazz class.

Here is a video of Addison's Tap number.

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