Friday, July 29, 2016

Vacation 2016, Part #1

We love the beach, and we felt it was time to take a"beach vacation" so we packed up the family and headed to Fort Morgan, Alabama.

As you can see, Fort Morgan, Alabama is near Gulf Shores - Its about 15 miles West down that panhandle.  Its a little less touristy which we liked.

 We were fortunate to be able to drive this Sprinter van.  I had accumulated a TON of beach stuff which we would never had been able to fit in our van along with the 5 kids.  (Three of which needed carseats)

 When dad drive up in the van, the girls shouted, "The vacation bus is here, the vacation bus is here"..and went sprinting outside to see it!

Our clan making a stop in the vacation-bus.  Nick clearly enjoying the drive!

 Because we have a large family we rented a three bedroom, two bath house about a half mile from the beach. It was nice and fit our family well.  Here are some shots of the inside of it.  This one above is the main living & dining areas.

 Nice big kitchen - we did eat at home most of the time. 

 The bedroom the girls shared - Aliah had a pack-n-play portable bed we set up for her and the girls share the bed.

 More of the living room

 Nick Enjoying the comfy over-stuffed chair.  (He was at officers training camp in Fort Knox so he couldn't make it!)

 The community in which the house was located had a pool which was very nice.  The girls loved it!
(So did Nick!)

 Nick working on his tan!

 Avery jumping in the pool  - the water was SO warm!

 Addison's turn to jump in!

 The girls loved the water!  
(Tomorrow  - the beach!)

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