Sunday, November 15, 2015

We love Autumn!

 The boys raked a pile of leaves in the back yard which was later discovered by the girls.   They LOVED jumping in them!!  (You'll see the pure joy in their faces as you scroll through the pictures)

 Here is Avery running to give me a hug!  Sweet girl.

 Jumping in the pile of red maple leaves.

 Chillin' in the leaves.

 The loved throwing the leaves into the air  - they were giggling hysterically.  

 Complete joy.

  Its a blizzard of leaves!  

Addison dumped the biggest pile of leaves on Avery's back!  (Ans she thought it was so funny!) 

 They were both cracking up!

 I'm pretty sure this picture illustrates happiness!

Love my girls.   (I love these photos so much!)

Some video of my sweet girls just enjoying fall and the simplicity of leaves.

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  1. Who says we need to buy expensive toys for our kids? Leaves and boxes are much more fun!!!!