Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Fun!

 I hate carving pumpkins.  Its quite messy, and I don't like the feeling of the middle junk in the pumpkin, and well, I just don't normally do this holiday activity.

Thankfully, I have a great mom who loves to do fun things with my girls and she thought carving pumpkins would be fun!  I was happy someone volunteered to do it!!  Here are my girls carving their very first pumpkins.  Addison thought the middle was fine.  She was  trooper and just cleaned that sucker out!

 See the determination in her face!  That pumpkin will get cleaned!!

 Addie & her pumpkin

 As you note Avery's expression, you'll quickly see that she didn't like the middle junk either.  (It is gross and slimy)  She only cleaned it our becasue it was a pre-determined condition for carving fun faces on front.  

Her expressions are priceless!!!

 Yes honey, it is gross!!!

 Halloween fright!!!

 ...she still loved her cute pumpkin!

 Carving the lids out!


 The girls with their cute pumpkins!

The next photos are of Halloween night and the kids costumes!
We've been keeping a bay since August 1.  She is 5 months old and absolutely adorable.  Here she is in her baby lamb costume!!  So cute!!!

 In the wagon blowing bubbles!

 And little lamb says, "Enough!!" (All my kids reject my photo-ops!  What's up?!?)

 Here are the girls with their cousins Spiderman and Spiderman (AKA Owen & Ethan)

The kids had  great time and we have a enough candy to last us till Christmas.  (I promise it will disappear soon!  We have a "candy thief" in our house.  She steals it and takes it to school!!!)

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