Saturday, October 10, 2015

fall foto fun!

 Today the kids and I met my sister-in-laws met to get photos of the all the grandkids for my mom.  Because this is a gift, I will not show all the photos I have - there are some funny ones too!  I will however share the ones I took of my kiddos.  I specifically wanted photos of my boys because they've changed SO much.  I think I managed to catch a few good ones!

 This girls running down the path to to photo location!

 My sweet girls.

I love this one!  I don't have too many of them because they were off playing.  I'll get more later!  (Maybe even some with our foster baby!)

 Ok...I'm SO sad this one is blurry because the boys were NOT happy about this whole event and they decided to make it difficult to get good pictures of them.  Here is just one of many attempts to hijack my photo shoot.  

 And then there's Nick....Posing - not as I directed him either.  (And I don't know what he's wearing) This is what happens once they leave for college.  

 Can anyone tell me what the heck they're doing here?


 Here's Drew.  He's getting so grown up!

 Jack is not photographic at all - he gets it from his father, but these next few photos are great!  I just love them.  Its really hard to catch a nice smile from him!

 Nick - no he's not majoring in lumberjacking.  

See his ornery look.  

I think it was a success!  Love my fall photos!!

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