Sunday, October 11, 2015

Avery's 5th Birthday

So I just realized, I never finished the post for Avery's 5th birthday.  I uploaded all the photos but completely forgot to actually finish the post.  So here it is...a month late!!  

So let me preface this post by saying Avery had been excited for her birthday for at least a month.  When she was feeling sassy, which is often, she would promptly tell you, or anyone, "Well, then you can't come to my birthday!" or "I not share my cake with you at my birthday!"  She was using this event as leverage for everything which was pretty funny!  As you cans see below, she was SO happy when it finally came around.

She wanted a Disney Frozen cake because she loves Frozen with all her heart.

Look how happy she is in the background.  So cute!


Ornery joy.

Giggly joy.

perfect joy!

She of course had to wear her favorite "rainbow shirt" (Because she really does care a lot about what she wears!)  Here she is with Nick opening her gifts.

Here she is sitting like a princess.  I'm pretty sure she believes she is a actually a princess.

...and with a princess Elsa wig, why wouldn't she actually believe that!

A fedora a heals.  Why not?

She is clearly delighted!

Note the BIG "Frozen" snowflake rings!  

A coloring book SO big you can't see her!

"Oh my Gosh!"

Some cousins and aunts enjoying the party.

Great Grandma Thiessen (age 92) was able to make the party.  She was sitting with cousin Owen. Aunt Angie and the baby.

Uncle Troy & Dad.

My dad and Drew.

My mom, Cecelia, Uncle Michael & Jeremy.

Avery is now wearing all her gifts!!

Here is Baby Alex & Her mom Sara.

Jeremy & Cecelia.

Angie & the baby.

Avery, giving someone orders.  

She had a great day!!!  Happy birthday sweet baby girl!

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