Monday, October 20, 2014

The pumpkin patch

 Today I got to pretend to be a stay-at-home-mom and to with Addison's class to the pumpkin patch.  I took Avery & had two additional kiddos from her class as well.  We had absolutely beautiful weather and really enjoyed ourselves.

 Here are the girls playing with manual water pumps.

 Avery's wasn't working and she was baffled.

 They also had big tricycles for the kids to ride.

 Avery on the slide

 Addison swinging

 Addison an her friend who was in our group for the morning. 

 This little boy was also in our group.  Here we were all looking at the ducks & chickens.

 Jumping on the huge trampoline was one of their favorite activities!

 In the next few sets of pictures the kids were playing on this big wooden train.

 Addison was pretending to honk the train's horn.

 Her she is poking out of the chimney.

 Here's Avery posing inside the train.

 The girls choose the perfect little pumpkins.  Cute!

 Pumpkin posing!

 I love this shot of Jeremy walking through the pumpkin patch.

 Everyone has found the pumpkin of their choice!

 Walking back to the wagon.

Here is Addison' entire class!  We had a great morning and I enjoyed spending time with my girls!

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