Saturday, October 18, 2014

The boys of fall

Drew made the JV soccer team this fall!  He played defender and has really enjoyed it!

Here are some shots of one of his games.  I think he makes the perfect soccer player!

A little ball handling!

One of my favorite pictures!

he looks like a true-blue soccer players with his hair flying wild like that!  I loved watching him play for his high school!  He's had a great season!

Jack played 7th grade football this year!  It was his first year of school sports and he absolutely loved it!  He has waited his entire life to play for the Jaguars!!  :)  He was a running back and linebacker.

Here he is running the ball!

The next sequence of pictures shows him making a touchdown!  I was so happy I actually caught it in photos!

Spinning around to get though the line!

 So fun!  I LOVE fall sports - especially when my boys are playing in them!!!

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