Monday, November 11, 2013

Jr football ends

Jack has played Jr football since third grade and he LOVES it!  It is by far his very favorite sport.  He simply can't get enough of it...kind of like his mom!  He has played for the Falcons the entire four years and a week ago he played hi very last game with them.  Next year he will play school sports.  Here are some photos of his last two games.  

Here he is signaling to the coach.  I love it. He looks so serious and official!   He was the captain of the defense.  :)

Avery got tired of following me around so she just laid down on the track.  

Avery also got thirsty and she helped herself to a drink of Jack's water.  

Here he is running through the tunnel of people as they called his number!  He was #20..all my boys have been #20!  Its our lucky number!

In the midst of tackling, grunting, and sweat, Avery was being a complete goof!  Here she is posing!  

I love this photo!  She was ALL about taking pictures this day!

Still a goof!!!

Here's my Addie, posing for her picture!  We loved the football season and can't wait for it to come around again!  

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