Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013

 So Halloween was great fun and we had awesome weather!   We got together with all the cousins which always makes it fun!  In the photos above our little dude, Ethan, did NOT want to wear his elephant hat!!  See the screaming!  :)

 My sweet girlies

Angie was finally successful...well, briefly successful!  The elephant hat is on!!

 Note the struggle of the infamous elephant hat!????!!  :)

 The cousins

 Here are my girls at their other cousin's house!  Posing it up!!

 Here are all the cousins at Jeremy & Larissa's house...not the one loner...on the porch?  He refused to join us!  ...But I still got him in the picture!! (HA!  never doubt the skills of a mama and her camera!)

 My princess!

 My little bumblebee!

 My craaaa-zzzy mom!!!

 Heres that little loner...close up!  He's kind of drowning in that helmet!

All the cousins...FINALLY!

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