Monday, February 18, 2013

Sorry its been so long!

 I'm terribly sorry its been so long since I've posted anything!  To be honest, nothing much has happened.  You know, no holidays, no birthdays, no outings (Since its been so cold, and I'm back at work) so I haven 't taken any new pictures lately.  I felt quite bad SO I decided to just take some photos of the girls in their pjs!   Addie likes to watch movies on the ipad before bed..  This is why she has those huge earphones on!! 
 Addie watching her show!
 being ornery!!!
 Avery was being a goof ball!  She was really tired and she tends to get CRAZY when that happens!
 Here she is sicking on her two middle fingers...She does this ALL the time!  I have no idea how we will ever stop her from doing this!!
 More sweetness!!
 Here she is holding her blanket, ready for bed!

 I was tickling her when I took this picture!
 As you can see, we are growing out Avery's bangs!  They're getting really long!  They will actually go in a pony tail!
Here she is with her "I'm up to no good" face!  So cute!

Here is a video of Avery and Addison at Orange Leaf, a fantastic frozen yogurt place!  Addison always asks to go there!  It started out as a simple video of us at the yogurt store, and ended up with them fighting!  Oh well, its a slicee of real life!!  :)

This video is a random one of the two girls at one of Jack's wrestling meets.  They were coloring and playing.  They were so sweet! 

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  1. I am glad to see my girls, but where are my guys?