Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was so fun with two toddlers - especially now that Addison knew what to expect!  She was delighted by socks!  You gotta love that!

Avery wasn't too sure about the gifts.  Addison showed her how to open them, and she slowly got the hang of it.  She really took her time opening each gift.

Here is Addison opening her stocking gifts!  They all made a huge mess.

Here are all the kiddos opening their gifts!  I loved watching them!  This makes Christmas fun!

Here is Jacker opening one of his gifts

Here is Drew opening the headphone bar we ordered him.  
Avery got a little pretend hair set.  It had a blow dryer, a hair straightener, a comb and some hair clips and she loved it!  She walks around now with the straightener all the time and always wants to do Addison's hair!  Its so cute! 
Below is Avery with her pretend hair straightener!

Here is Drew's new bar for his headphones.

Mark was helping Avery open her gifts...otherwise she would never had finished!!

Santa brought the boys root beer.  Here is Jack drinking some.  He looks crazed and insane!

Avery and Addison both got new play dough!

Avery and Addison both got new little phones!  (toy-phones, not real!)

Excellent photo by Drew!!

Here are the girls playing with their new play dough sets!  They jsut love play dough!!
Here is Daddy with his two girls!  We were so happy to have Avery home for Christmas!  We missed her so much last year!  Merry Christmas and happy new year to all!

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