Wednesday, November 9, 2011 3

Valerie is on day #3 in the hospital.  Here where things stand.

·         Her memory is intact; she remembers everything up to the time she blacked out. 
·         She can eat & drink
·         She can sit up.
·         She can talk.
·         She has full function of her arms.
·         She was able to get out of bed, use the restroom & even sit in a chair (Odd praise, but a really big deal!)
·         The doctor is very, very pleased with her progress.
·         She is concerned about her looks, hair, makeup, where her phone is…and is really ready to leave the hospital.  Which shows her personality is still intact.

Prayer requests:
·         That she will start eating
·         The pain will lessen (she is in so much pain)
·         That she will stop throwing up and be able to stomach the medications
·         That her aneurysm would not leak blood again. (very dangerous and very real risk)
·         That she wouldn’t have any more swelling on the brain.
·         She won’t have a seizure or stroke (both huge possibilities still)
·         That her blood pressure would stop sky-rocketing
·         That she would know God personally as her tender Father each day, and grow to love him dearly despite the horrible circumstances

BIG prayer:  She is at very high risk of stroke right now.  She can't have any mental stimulation at all.  She isn't even allowed to look at magazines or have visitors.  Pray she gets through this!
Psalm 17:6a
I have called upon You, for You will answer me, O God; Incline Your ear to me,


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