Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Fountains!

 I took the kids to the park by the river.  Its a beautiful area with big trees, huge playgrounds, and a large area full of interactive fountians.  They always love it....well, mostly!
 Here we are eating our picnic lunch.  We jsut went to this little burger place and picked up our picnic, but it was great!  Nothing like big greasy burgers and homemade fries for lunch!!  Yummy!

 I knew things weren't going well in the fountains when Addison refused to allow Drew to put her down.  She cringed everytime she got wet! 
 Clearly, my boys weren't phased!
 Here are is the large fountain area.
 Here is where Addie ended up: on the bench.  (By her own chosing...see the annoyed look on her face!  She did not like those fountians)
 I think this is the look that says, "Please don't take me near those fountains!"
 Watching the fun from afar.
 Addie's bench

 My boys!  Always wrestling!
 Here they are playing at the huge playground right by the fountains.
 Addison did enjoy swinging!
She also enjoyed eating crackers on the picnic blanket.   We had a great afternoon! 

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