Thursday, May 5, 2011

Addison turns two!

 Addison truned two Sunday, May 1st.  Here's the four layer white cake I made her.  (don't be too impressed; it was from a box)
 Wow! That's a look!
 Addison & her Daddy

 Addison and her Papa...she was feeding him cake!

 Addison opening her gifts..with baby Owen.  She kept telling him, "Mine!"

Playing with her new toys.  It was a great birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday to Addison! She is so sweet and has such a beautiful smile!

  2. You need to post some pics of Addie and her Momma. You are spoiling her and her daddy. HeeHee!!!!

  3. She is as beautiful as ever:) I cant believe she is 2 already. Happy Birthday Addison.