Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sheri turns 40!!

Sheri thinks she's going to dinner with a friend, but instead is greeted with a party!
Everyone chatting & eating at PF Chang's.

Back at my house, we eat cake & open gifts. Sheri had to wear her "Princess birthday" gear we provided for her! After 40 years, you deserve an evening of being treated like a princess! ...right?
All the party-goers!

Here we are playing a game called "Kiss the Prince." You are blindfolded, and then attempt to kiss a "prince" as close to the lips as you can!

My Mother-in-law ended up kissing The Prince of Darkness! I think she won!! See the pink lipstick right on his lips!!!

Ang & Sheri..long time friends

Sheri & her little sister Angela.
Happy Birthday!

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