Tuesday, May 19, 2009

300 days!

We have officially been waiting 300 days today! ...and guess what? We'll still be waiting tomorrow. Waiting is clearly the name of this game. Humm... I guess God's teaching me to wait.


  1. Sorry I've tried to post here, but haven't had success yet...here's hoping this time will work! I've loved reading your blog, and beginning to get to know you and your family. Thank you for being so faithful to update it (I know it's hard :) We are praying for you and for your family. I know your little girl will be lucky to have a mommy like you. You have such a heart for your kids and for the world. It's a great example to me. I look forward to meeting you in person sometime. Let me know if there are more specific prayer requests I can bring before the Lord. Love, AMY Hutteman

  2. oops. I guess I have commented several times. For some reason blogger is translated into Indonesian here in Indonesia and I don't always know what is going on... :) hope you don't mind my spammy seeming comments :)