Thursday, April 2, 2009

Questions People Ask - Part #1

I am often asked interesting questions about adoption,
so I thought I’d address some of those today.

#1 Couldn’t you get pregnant again?
I most likely could have, although I didn’t try.

#2 Were your pregnancies too difficult?
Not really. They weren’t easy, but they weren’t unbearable.

#3 Why didn’t you adopt domestically?
I have no good answer here, except Mark and both felt led to go the international route.

#4 Did you consider domestic adoption?
I looked into it, although having 3 children already really limited our options domestically, and once again, we really wanted international.

#5 Did you consider foster care?
Yes, about seven years Mark and I both took all the foster care classes, and had a nine year old boy of whom we were trying to get custody. After almost a year of counseling and working with social workers, the state gave him back to his mother. We were heartbroken, and decided that was not something we (specifically I) could do again.

#6 Did you just have to have that girl?
No, I was perfectly content with my three boys.

More to questions answered next time!

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