Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween came and went and the girls of course, loved it!  Costumes, make-up & Candy...what could be better.  Maybe just this picture of all three girls!! I love it!

Aliah was all smiles that night too!   She's typically hard to get to pose for pictures but not last night!!

Even clapping!!!!


Here's my sweet Addison...dressed up in her hip hop costume.

...and Avery was a ballerina...or a fairy princess depending on when you asked her!

Well, clearly Aliah's good mood did not last, because she was NOT going to pose for the pictures with her cousins!  

This was our best attempt!  

Avery after eating TONS of candy!

Addison didn't eat her candy, she instead sorted it into groups and was planning on graphing it but I put her to bed before she got to the graph.  (Who is this child and who thinks like that?!?!  She didn't even eat ANY of it because she didn't want the numbers to be off....I nominate her to be in charge of elections!!!)

A little video as we waited for her cousins to arrive!!

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  1. Addison takes after her Grandma when it comes to data collecting!!!!!