Friday, June 5, 2015

Dance Recital!

At the end of May, we always have the annual dance recital.  Addison was in tap & ballet again this year.  For tap, she was supposed to be curious George?!?  (Not sure how that costume panned out though personally)  I still think she looks adorable in it!!! (Not that she needs all that stage make-up!)

Right now, tap is her favorite type of dance and she really liked this one in particular. 

Here's littel avery - who will be in the recital next year - playing on the steps while he sister was at her dress rehearsal.  She wanted her hair in a little bun just like her sister.  She also asked for make-up so I did give her a little eye shadow & lipstick.

Here is Addison in her ballet outfit.  She was a little tinker-bell from Peter Pan.  

During the dress rehearsal you are able to take photos & videos so here she is prancing off the stage after her ballet number.  See her in the back row?

Here are my girls backstage.  I love how well they get along!  

This is one of my favorite pictures!  

Here is Addison with her friend Emme.  She also goes to school with Emme so they would hang out between dance numbers and color, snack and play on the ipad.

Avery having fun backstage!

Here are the girls waiting to go on stage for their tap dance..

After the dress rehearsal we all took group pictures.

Here are Emme & Addison waiting for their ballet number.  Goofing around and having sun.

Listening to stage directions.

A wash of blue & purple tool.

Here is her ballet class.  In the middle, you'll see the older girl in the green tinker-bell outfit.  She had a solo number before the little girls went on and then she danced with them at the end of the number.  
Addison described her as "the real tinker bell who graduated form high school"

 Addison's entire pre-tap & pre-ballet class with their teacher "Miss Carla"

Last, but not least, here are both of my beautiful girls with their daddy.  Love.


Below is a video I was able to film from the dress rehearsal.  They improved tremendously after a couple tries but I thought this would give you a good idea of what their dance was like.

Here is Addison's ballet dance.  I was having a really hard time getting her becasue of the angle so as I was moving I dropped my phone which means that the last half of the video is just me trying to get my phone (So once it goes black, just stop watching becasue there is nothing after that!!)

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