Thursday, April 16, 2015

Easter 2015

Our church had a huge community Easter event which the girls & I couldn't miss!  Here are the girls with their baskets...ready for some egg hunting!!

They were a little afraid of the Easter bunny...which I completely understand.  I still can't decide if he was awesome or a little bit creepy.  

My cute girls.

The egg hunt began and the girls were running all over trying to egg hoard.  Is this Christian?- greedy children grabbing candy eggs?  I'm not too sure, but we had a lot of fun!!!

See the determination her face.  Candy!!!  This is all she can think about.  

Enjoying the fruit of their hunting!!

There were also inflatables at the event which the girls really enjoyed!!

The girls were eating up all the candy!!  They love it!!!

The loot!!!

Here are the girls on Easter morning looking at their Easter baskets.

I never buy donuts..but for Easter morning...we splurged!!  Yummy!!!

My sweet girls in their pretty little dresses before church.

Here is the whole family before church.  

After church my fmaily came over for Sunday brunch.  Here are all the little cousins.

My boys at brunch.  They hate posing.  They only did it for grandma.  

As you can see, the boys were completely done with photos.  

Is that a very slight smile?

Later that evening we got together with Mark's family.  We always have a huge Easter egg hunt.

Here is my sister-in-law photographing her oldest son Owen.

Yes..the big boys DID grab a few eggs.

Here's Avery yelling at her brohter who STOLE some of her eggs.  Seriously...we had need for stealing.  As you can see, she was telling him all about her frustrations.  She doesn't hold back!!

Yep...they're all done with the "mamarazzi" taking their pictures.

tippy toes...can't leave even one egg!!!

My girls...who do love posing!

ALL that candy!

We had a wonderful Easter!!!  We hope you did too!

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