Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Morning!!

The girls woke up early Christmas morning to see if Santa had arrived!  Much to their delight, he did!!! He ate their cookies & even drank most of the milk we left out for him.  He didn't eat everything - you know, Santa has a lot of cookies to eat!!

 Since I insist on doing Christmas all together, the boys had to get up early too and they were a little bit tired...just a little.

 Here is Addie with her gifts

 Here's my Drewster with his gifts.

And Avery with all of her things!

 I found these adorable Hello Kitty hats which the girls loved!

 They were both so happy and we had such a fun morning!!!

Drew finally woke up!!

 My Nickus - just hanging out.  We just love Christmas morning!  The kids make it so fun!!

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  1. Are the boys posing for a 2015 calendar or are bare chests just "in"?