Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Our Little Dancer

Addie LOVES dance!!!!
Addie's dance studio had parent observation night where you can go take photos and watch her in class.  She is currently taking ballet & tap.  Here she is in her little white tap shoes!  I love it!  

Working on her tap moves.  (She must take after her talented grandma - yes,!)

Focus..something I rarely see in my middle school students!!! AMAZING!

I bought her this leotard because I LOVE the back.  Its SO pretty...and she looks least I think so.

So happy!

Here she is changing into her ballet slippers for her ballet class.  

Her slippers...i love this picture.

At the end of class, the siblings are allowed to dance with the class.  Its the "scarf" dance.  Each child has a scarf and waves it around while they dance.  Avery was absolutely delighted!  She can't wait to eb old enough to go to dance!  She wanted to wear her sparkly ballerina outfit to watch her sister.  She loves that outfit!

More scarf!

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  1. I am so glad that someone in this family enjoys dancing. Maybe Addie can teach Grandpa a few moves!