Friday, March 22, 2013

Exploration Place

 So, I took the kids (not Drew,,he was watching basketball) to Exploration Place, a kids-centered science museum, since it was spring break...but still VERY cold! 
 Here are the kids in the toddler play room!
 Here is Avery goiong down the slide.
 Here arethe girls playing at the block table.
 Avery couldn't figure this out!!
 Here are Avery and Addison (Below) looking at all the miniture trains.
 Above - Corey & Avery
Below - Emma & Addison
(Our friends met us there!)
 Addie in the "underground" tunnel with her friend Emma.
 Here the girls are in the "tornado tunnel" which similuates a tonrado.  I thought they'd be scared but as you can see, Avery was laughing hysterically and Addie was just chillin' so...they proved me wrong.
 Here is Avery playing in the water.
Here is Addison playing with the "dam table" - which Addison found very interesting.

 Avery & Addison in the airplane.
 This was in the "flight room" since we live in the air capital of the USA!  Addison like the purple plane.
 Nick was attacking his younger good fun...of course!
My friend Angela helped Nick out! (below)
 Here are the girls "fishing" in the pretend pond.
Here is Avery riding the horse in Nick's lap.  All in all, they had a great time!

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  1. Do you realize that your Mother has never bee to Exploration Place!