Thursday, August 23, 2012

August Ramblings

 So August was packed full of fun and because I'm pressed for time right now, I'm just downloading all the no particular order...just to get them out there!  So here is my hodge-podge of unorganized photos!
The first two are of Addie when I took her Botanica Gardens
Here is Addie swimming with some of her cousins at our local pool.

Here is Addie's friend Corah on our zoo trip.
At the zoo
Jack's first day of School; August 15th
Addie kissing him goodbye...SO sweet!!!!!

 My two older boys started August 16.  This picutre below shows fake smiles...and one scowl.  They're overjoyed with the thought of school!!!
This take was a little less forced.  Oh well, its the best I could do!
Addie eating breakfast on the first day of school.  She wanted her picture taken.
Oh!  Here's some more zoo pictures!!!
 Below are photos of our quick weekend trip to see my brother & sister in law. They have a great pool and we always have fun just hanging out!!

Here is Addie on her way to daycare with her new princess backpack!  So cute! 
We leave for Korea in 11 days, 6 hours, and 24 minutes!!!  I'm SO excited! 

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