Friday, January 6, 2012

2012...and still no movement

So 2012 is here.  This was when Korea was supposed to start re-issuing Emigration Permits.  They would reset the quote and begin anew and we were so excited!  In past years there has been movement within the the first week with either approvals (in earlier years) or submissions in later years.  So all week, I've been waiting to see who gets submitted for their Emigration Permit so we can begin to calculated (roughly) when we might get ours and travel. Each day I checked email to see what was going on...and nothing. Nothing Tuesday, nothing Wednesday, nothing Thursday, and then Friday...nothing.  Last year there were batches of Emigration Permits submitted every week in January, but that clearly isn't going to happen this year.  So now, all I can do is sit and wait.  Any timeframe I had has been blown out of the water, and at this point no one knows whats going on.  To say I'm frustrated is not adequate.  I really have nothing to say.  I'm kind of numb, but I feel a stream of anger welling up inside of me, and the urge to rant maniacally is pecking away at my mind and tempting my tongue to unleash, so please pray that I can still be a reflection so Christ even when the small hope I had was simply wiped clean away and I have been left with nothing expect a photo of my sweet baby girl.


  1. so enjoyed reading through your Christmas posts and seeing all the pics, but then my heart broke with yours when I saw this post. Pls know that we are continuing to pray for you as you walk this long and frustrating road.

  2. Oh Cookie - How sad for our entire family! Our sweet granddaughter is still not ours. I pray for your family, all my kids and grandkids every day!!!!