Friday, September 9, 2011

(not so) Happy Birthday

Today our little Avery Ha-rin turns one. She will celebrate with her foster family in Korea. Holt will have a party for all the babies turning one and she will attend. She will wear a beautiful hanbok dress and celebrate in traditional Korean style. She will get our presents, eventually, and will open them, and although I'm so glad Holt provides soemthing special for all the babies, she is still not home, and I will miss it all. I'm terribly sad about this. I'm not angry, not stressed, not worried, just sad. So happy birthday sweet baby girl. We love you so much and some day we will be able to hold you,love you, and bring you home forever.

Here are some photos of the birthday package we sent her.
 Her very own birthday hat
 Her 1st birthday bib

Party stuff
 A birthday dress
 Its traditional to give gold jewelry on a child's first birthday, so we bought her this gold bracelet.

 Everything is all wrapped and ready to go.
 I managed to fit it in the box!  Its a miracle!
Happy birthday sweetheart.


  1. So sorry you can't be together today. Praying for you.

  2. Happy birthday to your sweet girl! May the Lord continue to bless her, keep her and shine His face upon her.

  3. So sorry you can't be with her. Praying that she is doing well and that you are comforted. Also praying that her transition will be smooth when it's finally time for her to join her family forever! :)

  4. Happy Birthday to your adorable Avery! The last one that she will celebrate without you! And again I know how you feel ;)

    I LOVE the bib- soooo cute!

  5. Happy birthday to your sweet Avery! I'm sorry she's not here with you, but I hope she'll be in your arms as soon as possible.

  6. Happy Birthday Avery. We're praying for her to be home in your arms soon! I know all too well how hard it can be with them so far away on their special day. Praying for you as you wait patiently.