Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Fun

We go see Santa every year at a Christmas tree farm. There are horses there that pull big wagons. You can pet them...if you want....but clearly Corinne didn't want to.

As you can see, Cecelia didn't like the horses. (an understatement)

Addie was fine with them.

This is my nephew; Airyn.

Addison Hope Ha-Seon

My brother and his family.

My kids.

I really like this photo. Its so sweet.

Jack...telling Santa his list.

Drew...he's kinda done with the "Santa thing"

Addison...She's really done with the Santa thing!

This is as close as Cecelia would get to him. (She was really brave this day!! not really!)

Corinne...she would only stand close to Santa.

Little Airyn...he and Santa are buddies!

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